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Now Enjoy watching Malayalam and other Television Channels live on your Mobile..

This will works in both 3G and 2G Networks.. and the main Advantage of this service is 

This is available for you With out any Monthly rental

(Data Charges May apply )

Kiran TV live streaming (***Working***)(PC version)!!!

Asianet Live streaming (***Working***)(Pc version)!!!

Asianet Plus Live Streaming (***Working***)(Pc Version)!!!

Surya Tv Live streaming (***Working***)(Pc Version)!!!

People Tv

Asianet News

Kairali TV


Maa Musiq

Suvarna TV

Sakshi TV



Xtra-High Bandwidth

Xtra-Low Bandwidth


9xJhakaas-High Bandwidth

9xJhakaas-Low Bandwidth

ABN Andhra Jyothi

ABN Andhra Jyothi -High Bandwidth

ABN Andhra Jyothi -Low Bandwidth


asianetnews-High Bandwidth

asianetnews-Low Bandwidth


Bakthi-High Bandwidth

Bakthi-Low Bandwidth


DhoomMusic-High Bandwidth

DhoomMusic-Low Bandwidth


ETNow -High Bandwidth

ETNow -Low Bandwidth


ETV2-High Bandwidth

ETV2-Low Bandwidth

Fun Asia

Fun Asia Live

Fun Asia Live-High Bandwidth

Fun Asia-High Bandwidth

Fun Asia-Low Bandwidth


HMTV -High Bandwidth

HMTV -Low Bandwidth


IndiaTV -High Bandwidth

IndiaTV -Low Bandwidth

Jai Hind

Jai Hind-High Bandwidth

Jai Hind-Low Bandwidth

Jaya Plus Tamil

Jaya Plus Tamil-High Bandwidth

Jaya Plus Tamil-Low Bandwidth

Kairali TV

Kairali TV-High Bandwidth

Kairali TV-Low Bandwidth

Maa Junior

Maa Junior-High Bandwidth

Maa Music

Maa Music

Maa Music -High Bandwidth

Maa Music-High Bandwidth

Maa Music-Low Bandwidth


MahaaTV-High Bandwidth

MahaaTV-Low Bandwidth

Mega 24

Mega 24-High Bandwidth

Mega 24-Low Bandwidth

Mega Musiq

Mega Musiq-High Bandwidth

Mega Musiq-Low Bandwidth

Mega TV

Mega TV-High Bandwidth

Mega TV-Low Bandwidth

NDTV 24x7

NDTV 24x7-High Bandwidth

NDTV 24x7-Low Bandwidth

NDTV Hindu

NDTV Hindu-High Bandwidth

NDTV Hindu-Low Bandwidth


NDTV INDIA-High Bandwidth

NDTV INDIA-Low Bandwidth


newstime-High Bandwidth

newstime-Low Bandwidth


NewsX -High Bandwidth

NewsX -Low Bandwidth


NTV -High Bandwidth

NTV -Low Bandwidth

People TV

People TV-High Bandwidth

People TV-Low Bandwidth


PowerBlingTV-High Bandwidth

Raj News

Raj News 24X7

Raj News 24X7-High Bandwidth

Raj News 24X7-Low Bandwidth

Raj News -High Bandwidth

Raj News -Low Bandwidth


Rakshana-High Bandwidth

Rakshana-Low Bandwidth


Rupashibangla-High Bandwidth

Rupashibangla-Low Bandwidth


S V B C -High Bandwidth

Sakshi TV

Sakshi TV -High Bandwidth

Sakshi TV -Low Bandwidth


StudioN -High Bandwidth

StudioN -Low Bandwidth


Suvarna-High Bandwidth

Suvarna-Low Bandwidth

T News

T News-High Bandwidth


Timesnow -High Bandwidth

Timesnow -Low Bandwidth


Topper-High Bandwidth

Topper-Low Bandwidth


TV5 -High Bandwidth

TV5 -Low Bandwidth


Vanitha-High Bandwidth

Vanitha-Low Bandwidth


We TV-High Bandwidth

We TV-Low Bandwidth


Zoom -High Bandwidth

Zoom -Low Bandwidth


Problem 1 : there is no such resource or the file has been removed or file expired.....

Solution : If you are using Browsers like Opera mini Or UCweb please avoid it and brows this
Page though your Default web browser of your phone.

Problem 2 : I am browsing from Computer and when I click on the LINK start streaming nothing
Solution : Please assure that weather your computer contains an online player. Eg : Real player
If you have VLC player Right click on Start streaming and copy link address and Open
VLC and find out it's menu for steaming(Media>> Steaming) and put this link and click
Problem 2 :I am plying on phone when I try to play it says "set default access point first "
Solution :Click menu and open the real player(in s60) and
>>options>>settings>>connection>>network.>> SET YOUR WORKING SETTINGS
AS A DEFAULT ACCESS POINT ,close it and try to play tv it will surely play,,
Problem 2 :I am browsing through my phone's (default) browser when I open the site and try to play
it says "General memory full"
Solution     :If you are browsing in your phone's default browser please download uc browser
( and then access and try to play TV

Close all other applications


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  4. My experience with has been exactly what I expected from this type of technology, even slightly above my expectations. The picture quality Star sportlive is perfect - there appears to be no signal compression so the picture looks exactly as it would if my antenna was directly connected to my TV. The unit I'm using also has a pass-through outpu

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  8. A lot of shows have come down the pike since Cosmos I that cover a lot of the same general ground. Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman has been the best show on TV the last khabardar half decade. Of course I'll give this a look and am hoping for the best but of all the programming that has been produced over the last few decades, Cosmos was among the ones least in need of a gritty reboot.

  9. Happy to find this website where you can watch Malayalam and other Television Channels live that provides latest news. Similar to this, ary tv is also a news channel which provide current and latest happening all around the masses.


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