How to do Whatsapp Marketing

Most of the Businesses needs WhatsApp as their marketing channel. 

Yes, no doubt it is the most used and active channel available in the world now. 

Whatsapp is a platform which is not meant for Bulk Messaging. it is a tool which is used for personalised communication. If your business don't have a personalised marketing mechanism don't try to bomb your promotions to customers over whatsapp.

Think if every businesses out there in the market is pushing their campaigns through WhatsApp what will you feel ?

No Doubt You feel annoyed and you will start blocking all those. 

We all have the bitter experience of receiving too much messages in family and friends group which we can't leave because of many reasons. The same or even worse feel will be there if we got too much promotions in our message box. 

So the best way to do whatsapp marketing is to use the Whatsapp status and prompt your potential customers to contact you.

Use social media channels to promote your business and use Whatsapp as channel to connect with you.

Don't Bomb your customers with your Promotional Broadcast messages or Group messages.

Give your customers  only the most important and Relevant updates over WhatsApp.

Remember : Whatsapp is a very very Personal to everyone don't try to mess there .

They will kick you out from there.

Happy Marketing. Power to you. :)