How to speed up BSNL 3G Data

To all the BSNL users complaining about 3G speeds APN is one another factor affecting our speeds especially in the case of BSNL. By default most of the people may be on bsnlnet apn, but try anyone from a bunch of the below APNs:
bsnlsouth (or)
bsnlnorth (or)
bsnlwest (or)
bsnleast (or)
bsnllive( proxy compulsary ip: port: 8080 )
U can observe a different IP being assigned everytime from a completely different IP Pool and from a different datacenter.
This is not at all a hack trick and completely legal.
You can even see that there will be no disconnections if u use anyone of them because the backhaul network will be less congested and IP assignation in mobile data sessions is a major factor affecting connectivity.