Cheap and Best Internet Plans in Kerala November 2014

Internet is now essential part of our life and mobile internet remains the popular choice in India to get online. But you have got so much choices to choose from different operators, technology and plans. Today we analyse which is the right plan for you in Kerala circle.
2G Mobile Internet Plan
TATA Docomo offers the cheapest 1GB 2G internet pack in Kerala at just Rs 95 for  30 days (Just like the good old days of cheap 2G internet). Reliance brings a treat to heavy internet users with Rs 195 and Rs 482 plan offering a whooping 5GB and 15GB 2G data. If you are looking for a long duration plans, Reliance gives 6GB for 90 days at Rs 282. As BSNL don’t offer dedicated 2G internet packs, it was not considered here.
3G Mobile Internet Plan
Not many like to use 2G these days as 2G speed is too slow for many modern Apps and websites. TATA Docomo and BSNL offer cheapest 3G 1GB plans at Rs 153 and Rs 155 respectively. For both heavy and long-term users again BSNL provides the cheapest pack.
CDMA EVDO Mobile Internet Plan
You might be surprised to know CDMA EVDO plans provides both cheaper and faster data at 3.1Mbps speeds. Reliance and Docomo gives 1GB at Rs 95 and 4GB at Rs 246. But Reliance stands out with its true unlimited offering of Rs 949 30 days. It not only offer you true unlimited data, but also gives you SMS+Voice+Roaming unlimited.
USB Dongle Plans
USB dongles have became the choice of internet on the go for your laptop. The market is flooded with offering from almost every operator. But the cheapest 1.5GB pack is on BSNL EVDO at just Rs 170.If you are looking for a true unlimited plan on dongle, then BSNL EVDO will be your only choice at Rs 825 a month. Another good choice for heavy users would be Rs 999 40GB pack from Reliance on Netconnect+. Reliance also offers the best long-term plan at Rs 2999 45GB for 180 days.
Cheapest mobile internet plan
2G Data Plan Details
Standard packRs 175 1GB/28 daysRs 156 1GB/30 daysRs 155 1GB/30 daysRs 95 1GB/30 daysRs 125 1GB/30 days
Heavy user packRs 249 3GB/28days Rs 599 10GB/28daysRs 398 3GB UL/30 daysRs 199 2GB UL/30 days Rs 399 5GB/30 daysRs 249 3GB/45 daysRs 195 5GB/30 days Rs 482 15GB/90 days
Long term packRs 699 5GB/60 days Rs 1005 5GB/90 daysRs 136 500MB/60 daysRs 282 6GB/90 days
3G Data Plan Details
Standard packRs 249 1GB/30 daysRs 155 1GB/28 daysRs 153 1GB/30 days
Heavy user packRs 1346 10GB UL/30 daysRs 1011 10GB/90 daysRs 449 3.5GB/30 days
Long term packRs 595 2GB/60 daysRs 561 5GB/90 daysRs 156 500MB/60 days
Cheapest CDMA Data Plans
Standard packRs 94 1GB/30 daysRs 95 1GB/28 daysRs 247 1GB/30 days
Heavy user packRs 246 4GB/30 days Rs 949 True UL/30 daysRs 256 4GB/30 days
Long term packRs 2799 True UL/90 days
Cheapest 3G Data Card Plans
OperatorIdea Netsetter 3GReliance Netconnect+TATA Photon+MTS Mblaze UltraBSNL EVDO
Standard packRs 248 1GB/30 daysRs 255 1GB/30 daysRs 255 1GB/30 daysRs 198 1GB/30 daysRs 170 1.5GB/30 days
Heavy user packRs 598 3GB/30 days Rs 1345 10GB UL/30 daysRs 799 10GB/30 days Rs 999 40GB/30 daysRs 750 6GB/30 days Rs 1500 30GB/30 daysRs 699 7GB UL/30 days Rs 999 10+10GB/30 daysRs 565 6GB/30 days Rs 825 True UL/30 days
Long term packRs 1499 18GB/90 days Rs 2999 45GB/180 daysRs 1947 15GB/180 days Rs 5000 40GB/365 daysRs 998 6GB/60 days Rs 1499 18GB/90 days
BSNLReliance and Docomo offers cheapest internet plans across different technologies in Kerala circle. One common aspect we found was that AVoId’s mobile internet offerings are significantly costlier. At the end of day it all comes down to which one suite the best. You may need to consider availability of service, type of usage and cost effectiveness before you make your choice.

Source: Telecomtalk