Da thadiya malayalam movie Review (User Opinions)

Here’s Aashiq Abu’s next venture! A visual treat and an absolute drama fun-filled movie, there is much to wait for! Revolving around the lifestyle of a fat guy, the tale tells that story of those thousands, the one amongst you!

Directed by Aashiq Abu

Produced by Anto Joseph and OPM Cinemas

Written by Shyam Pushkaran, Dileesh Nair and Abhilash S Kumar

DOP by Shyju Khalid

Music from Bijibal

Publicity Designs from Papaya

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Tossy John
Copy paste of hollywood movie just friends

Ashwin P Nair
Da thadiya (ടാ തടിയാ )
One of my friends told that
it's an average one
but just don't care such type of nonsense. :D

Hashir Muhammed
padam athra pora..direction,story ,songs,cinematography gud..but screen play paaly..overall an average movie.xpctng movies of salt and pepper quality from you ashiq abu sir

Niyas Nachu

Farhan Akthar
Behind every successful man there is a woman ..

Shahbaz Reeko karathu poyathin pedikunnath nthina??

Shijith Ard
such a good movie

Naaz Muhammed
Prakasham parakkatte....


Ajmal Muhammed
Finaly Mammookka is Back :)
Bavoottiyude Namathil A clean Family Movie :)
Also Watchd Da thadiya (ടാ തടിയാ ), NYc mvie :)
Cheers 2 Aashiqikka :) Gud wrk bro :)

Akki Akhil Mohandas
Watched "Da Thadiya"
it's a complete Entertainer
Thank You for the Character; 'Rahul Vaidhyar'
He's very familiar to me and society...

Justin Manuel
Watched Da thadiya (ടാ തടിയാ ) !!!

Justin Manuel @ Vishnu / Alwin - padam kuzhapam illatha onnu thanneyaa..... ! !

Akhil Murali
Umm kuzhappamilla

Amar Deep
Nala 1st Show :) Da thadiya (ടാ തടിയാ )
vaanam neelayanu bhai..
athinenthanu bhai…
njan ingananu bhai.. :D

Amar Deep pranan swasamanu bhai..
poyal poyathanu bhai..
aatom patum ninupokum bhai..
athangananu bhai..

Nazeem Kottalath
simply awesome pals !
way to go !! :))
Like · · about an hour ago

Nidhish Issac
this is not abu's best work...film is dragging in t second half with a predictable ending...songs r jus okay types...hip hop adhikamayal alosaram aanu bhai...and what dear director what made u think nivin pauly can play a bad guy with conviction(eww)..all in all average movie...i've seen daddy cool,saltn pepper n 22FK...this is t worst..totally THATTIKOOTU THADIYAN!!

Nazeem Kottalath haha !! lol

Sadda Km
nice movie

Nithish Ag
The best movie i ever seen! :)
i want that first song... My love..panchasaraaa...♥
ow! Chweet! :D

Sudhin Gags
Kidilan padam...
An alroundr mvie. Wch tchs senti,cmdy,love,and lot on frndship. And conveys an awsme msg.Loudly says it as a good work. Wel dne asik bai.....

Diljith Tweets
Da thadiya (ടാ തടിയാ )... is a small film with a BIG heart.! it has been a wonderful journey through the life of a Fat guy. Dj Sekhar has played the role of the protagonist N Sreenath Bhasi as his buddy. Both of them shares good Chemistry.
Bijibal's music gives
much boost to the film and at the same time his Bgm carries the movie. "Enthanu Bhai" already gave some hype 4 this movie. Shyju khalid's cinematograhy is speechless.!! Films are always belongs to Directors N Aashiq Abu proved it once again.:) u can see his class in this film. yup, its definitely a Director's cut.!!

Shylesh Om
Oru padishtayi sir ... Thadiyane

Devanand Parakkat
Suprb N fntstic film..........
Evry1 in N out of screen is good bt all crdits belongs to 1 N only dirctr- ashiq abu sir.......
A vry spl congratz to him......
A mastr piece of dirction......
Really, he inspired me..........

Subin Km
padam kalakkittaaa..

Vineeth Cj
nice movie

Rahul Clt
mYluuu,,, Nee eN pAnchaSaraa........ :D <<Da thadiya (ടാ തടിയാ )

Alan Chakravarthy
njan kandu padam polich

Sanal Mohanan
thadiyan kalakki :) Da thadiya (ടാ തടിയാ )

ikaaaaa Aashiq Abu u Rocking maN

Vishnu Retnakumar
‎2dy wAtChEd 2 MoViEs...!!! Karmayodha at Saritha Theater...!!! Da thadiya (ടാ തടിയാ ) at Savitha Theatre WiTh SaJin SaJeev Athul AsRohith Abraham...!!!!!!!!!
KarmaYodha BeLOw aVg FiLm...!!!
Da Thadiya Is gOoD...!!!!

Mohit Krishnan
kidu awesome climaxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Athul Suresh
Kidilan film

Anand Ajayghosh
Da thadiya (ടാ തടിയാ )- This is the story of a 20 something old big fat boy! The movie shows certain happenings in his life over a period of time. Sekhar Menon is quite impressive as the 'Thadiyan'. He's got huge screen presence (obviously) and his acting is also ok. Srinath Bhasi has done a good job as thadiyan's cousin and best friend. Nivin Pauly deserves special applause for playing a role which is quite different from his hero image. Ann Augustine appears as hero's girlfriend. She fits in t the role well. Ann needs to work on her malayalam diction, which is more on the manglish side. Shyju Khalid's Cinematography was excellent. Songs and BGM was good and goes well with the overall theme. Script is well written. It starts off as a simple story but later addresses some socially relevant issues prevailing in our society. Dialogues were good and there were some catchy one-liners too. Last but not the least, a word about the real hero, the drirector, Aashiq Abu - Superb; Hats off to you dude.
Thanks a lot Aashiq Abu and team for this awesome movie.

My Rating- 8/10. I feel like watching it once more.

Shinos Shameem Ismail
♦♦vicharichathra Prakasham Parannila...:(
But Sreenath Bhasi rocked... & Ann Augustine sasiyayi...:P
Da thadiya (ടാ തടിയാ )...3/5!!
♦♦8.15...bhais Dabaang 2....@Oberon Mall :))))

Gauttam Jeyadev
I saw "Da Thadiyaa...." . i just loved it. an
excellent film. I got a free ticket as per the offer
for 1st day 1 show

Melwin John
Da thadiya (ടാ തടിയാ ) ithe kalaki bhai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sree Dharsan
ഒരു പാട് നന്ദി ആഷിക് അബു ... ആയുര്‍വേദത്തിന്‍റെ വ്യാജ്യ കച്ചവട വശത്തെ പൊളിച്ചവതരിപ്പിച്ചതിനു..ഹൃദയം നിറഞ്ഞ ആശംസകള്‍..
തടിയനായ ഒരു ആയുര്‍വേദ ഡോക്ടര്‍

Jayakrishnan Jakezz
‎@Anand theatre, Kottayam
Everyone greeted Thadiyan with huge hugs

When cinema reflects the lives of those amongst us and takes a break from the clichés of normalcy, those unique and distinct movies are born. And that is just what ‘Da Thadiya’ offers. The story of a fat man, cons of being over-weight, and of course the pros attached to, ‘Da Thadiya’ is a mixture of subtleness and simplicity. Yeah! Exactly that which falls in the ‘feel-good’ category. Aashiq Abu has ensured that his audience doesn’t get bored of his themes which are novel and distinct, this time as well. The overwhelming response and cheers, topped with applauds from the crowd bears testimony to the fact that ‘Da Thadiya’ shall run a few miles.

Starring newbie Sekhar Menon and Sreenath Bhasi in the lead roles along with Ann Augustine, Arundhati Nag, Nivin Pauly, Vinay Fort, Maniyan Pillai Raju, Edavela Babu, Sreeraman, and more, ‘Da Thadiya’ tells the tale of a fat guy, the one whom you and I would find amongst us! Luke Prakash (Sekhar Menon) who leads a normal life in the city of Kochi later turns out to shoulder some huge responsibilities, and is also tagged ‘superhero’ in the process. His love life is given an added sparkle with the presence of Ann Mary Thadikaran (Ann Augustine). His biggest critic, supporter and bestie is his cousin Shaddi (Sreenath Bhasi). Arundhati Nag lovingly called the ‘Night Rider’ plays the role of ‘Ammachi’, one which you wouldn’t miss giving applaud! An actor who has showcased her talents nationally, Arundhati Nag’s performance has added to the sheen.

Well, you might find a few ‘running-around-trees’ and romance flowing in the air, just what is needed in the story to pep it up. For a start, Sekhar Menon’s performance is definitely a striking one. The chemistry is perfect with the duo Sekhar and Bhasi. Nivin Pauly’s, quite a different appearance on-screen looks nice. The cast has put up a good show.

The songs of ‘Da Thadiya’ had gone viral on social networking sites. ‘Enthanu Bhai’, now hummed by every kid, has caught the attention of populace. The lyrics of songs are crunchy and peppy. They strike the right chords and amplify the enchantment offered by the music as well. Dubstep, least experimented in Malayalam cinema, takes a front seat through this one, in BGM and songs too.

Script writers Abhilash Kumar, Syam Pushkaran and Dileesh Nair have ascertained that their audience takes home some worthwhile messages through inspiring dialogues. The script is clean, smooth and nice. Shyju Khalid’s cinematography hasn’t failed to entertain cinema-lovers this time as well. With distinct frames and noteworthy shots, this young DOP is truly a promise to Malayalam cinema. Kochi is captured at her best in ‘Da Thadiya. Mostly shot in and around Kochi, catch a glimpse of the ‘Queen of Arabian Sea’ and her inmates pictured perfect!

Aashiq Abu with his team, this time too, promises pure entertainment to the cinema-lover. With uber-coolness, perfect blending of Salt N’ Pepper and a shout out from the woman of today, his movies have awed and inspired. This one too, is adding a golden feather to Aashiq Abu’s director’s cap!

review by Kochivibe