Usthad Hotel Malayalam Movie Review

Usthad Hotel Malayalam Movie Review
Usthad Hotel Malayalam Movie Released in Theaters today. Iam Giving Some reviews Here...

Malayalam cinema re invented its old days .usthad hotel on of the good movies to come out in malayalam cinema in 2012 .with out any gimmiks or heroic show offs anwar rasheed showed he can make sensible movies.hats of to anjali menon for a such a superb script .its a film that will make you feel good ...dont expect rajamanikyam or chotta mumbai .its completely different genre 

uh is a story of young man who aspires to be a sheff in over seas , but later he realises that ,its better to serve our people rather than for foreign people,some what similiar to swadesh .story also tells about a heart touching relation ship between grand father and grand son ,who changed his life and perspectives about life 

postives -entire film superb direction ,script , bgm ,cast ..

* dulquar salman-shoking perfomence ,especially in second half superb .he has bright of the best perfomence from a youngster in recent times

*thilakan chettan -awsome as ever
* for the first time i liked nithyas perfomence
*siddique, and other cast were also perfect

negatives -
* second half is little bit Slow than First half , but it suits the mood of the movie

* " asal mammootyude look " e dilouge vendyrnilla . ethu polathe naala simple moviek etharam cheap gimmiks avsyam illa , like sibbi udayan films .dulquar needs to get out from the shadow of mammotty .

favourite scenes
* dulquar -nithya combination scene in night .
"ninak onnum amem penganmarum ileda " polapan dilouge

*post interval scene
* scene in which thilakan chettan depicts his love story with vaathilil song
* scene in which childrens gave signature to dulquar ,simply awsome ,best scene of the movie

rating -8.5/10
verdict -hit .

By Pranchiyettan RL

Review from Forumkeralam......

Theatre: Thrissur Girija
Status : 101%
Time: 8:50am [FANS SHOW ]
Date: 29/06/12

Before the movie:
Secondshowyiloode name albuthapeduthiya Dulquer Salman + Vijayangal maathram swanthamaayitula anwar rasheed + Maanjadikuru ena cinemayiloode preshamsakal pidichu pattiya Anjali menon... Nalla kaambulla Story + Relations + emotions ithoke munkooti predeeshichukondaanu theatril athiyathu...
Thrissur girijayil ethiyapol njetti poyi.. Dulquerinte flexukal kond theatre neranju... Theatril motham oru aaravam.. mammootty fans asso vendi nadathuna spl show aayirunnu..

About the movie:
Van aaravathil thanne padam thudangii.. ..Dulquerinte intro simple aayirunnu but theatril terrific atmosphere aayirunnu.. Thudakam mudal oru nala feelil padam munnot poyi..nala muhurthangal ula nanmayula film aanu.. anwar rasheedinte munkaala cinema pole oru adichu polipadam ala...padam janagal sweekarikum enurapaanu..dulquere..mone kutta thakarthaliyaaa.

* Dulquer - Theatril poyi anubhavichu ariyu.. amazing perfo
* Anwar rasheed - Aashane ningal 3 varsham koodumbo cinema aduthaal poraa.. Varshathil oru cinema yenkilum njangal ku venam [Master direction]
*Thilakan - Kidilan emotions
* Script - Anjali menon
* bgm

* Chilayidengalil slow aayenkilum anwar rasheed directionil athelaam maanju poyi..

My verdict : 3.75 /5
Trade verdict : SUPER HIT

After the movie: Padam kazhnju mikacha abhiprayam aanu .. Dulquer ne ini pidichaal kittumennu thonnunilaa.

Shinkaarimelam oke kond van aaravam aayirunnuporathum...


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