Spirit Mohanlal Malayalam Movie Review

Malayalam cinema has made a remarkable turnaround since the last year with some cinemas that dared to show up differently.Thank to the filmmakers who were behind all such movies which carved out a new face for Malayalam cinema.One man who had stood steady with his head held high for meaningful cinemas ,even when he had all the scope for rechurning hits out of the tried tested formulas is Ranjith and He deserves a bow to the bold steps he had taken through palerimanikyam,praanchiyettan indian rupee and now Spirit.

Spirit the Movie deals with the dominance of alcohol in malayale's life.Told through Raghu nanadan,who himself is a high class drunkard,spirit takes you through several lives that lost its color drenching in alcohol.Raghunandan a divorcee is a well known tv anchor ,who has let his life loose with only liquor as his companion.First half moves thorough several satirical comedies with the Ranjith flavour ,and Mohanlal once again rocking as the drunken comedian.Most of the comedies in the first half kept the movie alive and moved on to a comparatively serious 2nd half.The movie becomes a bit serious here and drags a bit into the climax where Ranjith signs off with his manly voice.

Mohanlal - Ranjith has always been an elite combo and spirit doesn't let that down.Mohanlal has always been at ease with such kind of roles and he does it once again.Nandu gets a role of his life time as plumber mani...good performance from him.Madhu Thilakan Lena tuned in well to the plot.
Kaniha gels in with some skin show though it looked that intentional at times.Some good role for her after pazhassi.Shankar ramakrishanan,Adoor govindankutty,siddarth etc used their screen space to good effect.

Ranjith the Master craftsman take a bow.He has always left me wondered with his writings.Whatever be the genre,the subject it just stands out Brilliant!

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  1. koothara padam

  2. ithilum nallathu krishnanum radhayum thane.....

  3. koothara thani koothrara padam......... paisa undenkil pavapetavarku veedu vechukoduthukoode...........

  4. Hats off to Ranjith and Lalettan to their brave efforts


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