Polytechnic Admission Procedure Kerala 2012-2013

Online Submission of Application For the admission has started today on wards.
Details and Procedures are Given Below Read carefully before Applying.

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Prospectus &  Submission of Applications

8.1  The prospectus will be available for free download from the website
“www.polyadmission.org” in English and Malayalam languages.
8.2  The candidates will be required to submit their applications online at the web site using
the link “ONLINE SUBMISSION” available in the web site.
8.3  Applications can be submitted online from any Computer having Internet connectivity.
8.4  For the benefit of candidates who do not have access to Internet facility, Help Desks will
be established in all the 49 Polytechnic Colleges. Candidates can make use of this facility
free of cost.
8.5  While submitting the applications online, the candidates should keep with them the
copies of documents to prove their Eligibility (See clause 6 ), Claims for Reservations
(See Clauses 4 ) and enter the relevant details in the online application form. Claims
not included in the applications will not be considered.
8.6  Certificates issued after the last date of submission of application will not be
8.7  The candidates will have to exercise their options, in the order of their preference in the
Online Application form. Candidates can exercise options to any number of programmes
/ Institutions in the district.
8.8  After completing the relevant entries, the Online Application form should be submitted
using the link “SUBMIT”. Here the candidate will be issued an Application Number.
The Application Number should be noted for further reference.
8.9  Candidates can take the Print out of their application using the link “PRINT
APPLICATION”. The application thus printed will have the entries as submitted online
by the candidate and will bear the allotted Application Number.
8.10  A candidate who could not take the print out of the Application immediately on the
submission of the online application can take the print out at a later time using the link
“PRINT SUBMITTED APPLICATION”. The Application number and Date of Birth
of the candidate will be considered as the key for this facility.
8.11  The candidate should submit the Printed Application at any of the Polytechnic Colleges
in the state, remitting the required fee before the last date fixed for the submission of
application. Belated applications will not be considered for admission.
8.12  Application Fee: The application fee shall be Rs. 100/- per district. For scheduled
Caste/ Scheduled Tribe candidates, it shall be Rs.50/-. If a candidate submits application
for more than one district, he will have to remit additional fee at the rate of Rs. 100 for
each district. (Rs. 50 each for SC/ST candidates). Candidates should remit required fee to
the Principal of the Polytechnic College where he/she submits the Application Form. The
required fee shall be printed in the application form.
8.13  Candidates will be issued a Registration Number from the Polytechnic College
receiving the application form.
8.14  Candidates can verify the status of their application from the web site using the
Application number, Registration Number and Date of Birth. Candidates will not be
permitted to alter the entries made in the application.
8.15  Complaints if any, regarding the status of application should be brought to the notice of
District Co-ordinators of the Single Window System (Principal of the Nodal Polytechnic
College for the District) for Polytechnic Admissions. The names and contact details of
the District Co-ordinators will be provided in the Website.
8.16  Candidates who apply under management quota for admission should submit the
application to the Principal of the concerned Polytechnic College remitting the required
application fee. Application for Management quota will not be considered for selection
under Merit / Reservation quota. Such candidates who wish to apply under
Merit/Reservation quota should submit separate application at any of the Polytechnic
8.17  Any wrong information given in the application will lead to the forfeiture of
candidature. The Department of Technical Education will not be responsible for any
inconvenience caused due to wrong/ Incorrect/ Incomplete entry/ Delay in transit of the
application form.
Applications against the seats reserved for Nominees from Jammu & Kashmir,
Union Territories – Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshwadeep, Motor
Vehicles Department, NCC Quota, Sports Quota should be submitted to the
concerned authorities as contained in clause 4.5.
 Certificates/ Documents (self attested copies) to be submitted with the application
No Purpose Nature of the Certificate Required

1 To prove date of birth Self attested copy of the relevant page of the
SSLC / THSLC or equivalent examination.

2 To prove the qualification
Self attested copy of the mark list of SSLC /
THSLC or equivalent certificate.

3 To claim reservation
under VHSE category
Self attested copy of the mark list of VHSE

4 To claim reservation
under ITI category
Self attested copy of the mark list/certificate of

5 To prove Domicile at
the Districts specified
in Cl. 7.3 to claim
Self attested copy of Nativity Certificate
indicating the district in which the candidate
belongs issued by the Village Officer / Tahsildar
in the prescribed format (Annexure XI).

6 To prove the applicant
is a Keralite
a. Self attested copy of relevant page of SSLC or
equivalent showing the place of birth of the
candidate in Kerala
b. Self attested copy of relevant page of SSLC or
equivalent showing the place of birth in
Kerala of either of the Parents of the
candidate with corroborative certificate to
establish the relationship between the parent
and the candidate.
c. Self attested copy of the relevant page of
Passport of the candidate issued by the
Government of India, showing the place of
birth in Kerala or of either of the parents of
the candidate with corroborative certificate to
establish the relationship between the parent
and the candidate.
d. Self attested copy of the certificate of birth
from the competent authority (Panchayath /
Municipality / Corporation) to register the
birth of candidate or either of the parents (in
which case corroborative certificate to
establish the relationship between the parent
and the candidate is necessary) place of birth
in Kerala, to be issued by a competent
e. Self attested copy of the certificate of
residence from the Village officer / Tahsildar
of the effect that the candidate has been a
resident of Kerala state for a period of five
years with in a period of ten years.
f. Self attested copy of the relevant page of
SSLC or equivalent certificate to show that
the candidate has undergone the qualifying
examination from an institution in Kerala.
g. Self attested certificate issued by the
employer that any of the parents of the
candidate is working in Central / State / Quasi
Government / Public Sector undertaking in
Kerala state, specifying the place and district
in Kerala where that firm/office is located.

7 To claim Community
a. Self attested copies of Community and
Income certificates issued by Village Officer
for claiming reservation SEBC/OEC
b. Self attested copy of Community certificate
issued by the Tahsildar for claiming
reservation under SC/ ST quota.
c. Self attested copy of inter-caste marriage
certificate in the prescribed format (Annexure
X). From the authorities concerned for
reservation under SEBC or SC/ST as per the
conditions specified in clause 4.7.2 (d) & (e)

8 To claim Special
Self attested copy of certificate from the
competent authority in support of the special
reservation claimed. (See clause 4.5)

9 To claim reservation
under “Person with
Self attested copy of Medical certificate from the
medical board as stipulated in clause 4.1

10 To claim reservation
under the Tuition Fee
Waiver scheme for
backward categories
Self attested copy of the income certificate from
concerned village officer to the effect that the
Annual family income is less than / equal to Rs.

11 To claim eligibility in
the Special batches for
Hearing Impaired
Self attested copy of Medical Certificate from the
Medical Board as stipulated in clause 4.6.
a. Certificates without the signature and seal of the issuing authority or that are
incomplete in one way or the other will be treated as defective and such certificates will
not be considered for availing any reservation.
b. Documents or Certificates furnished after the submission of application will not
be entertained under any circumstance. No opportunity will be given to include
any details after the submission of the application. Certificates issued after the last
date for the submission of applications will not be considered for admitting the

1  Online Submission of Application begins   14/05/2012
2  Online Submission of Application ends    02/06/2012 , 5 PM
3  Last date for Registration of applications at Polytechnic
    Colleges remitting the required fee    04/06/2012, 4 PM
4 Publication of Provisional Rank list & Trial Allotment 06/06/2012
5 Last date for Appeal & Submitting Revised Options 08/06/2012
6 Publication of Final Rank List & Select List 12/06/2012
7 Date of Admission based on Select List 13/06/2012 to 15/06/2012
8 First counseling& admission (District wise) at nodal
   Polytechnic College  21/06/2012 to 23/06/2012
9 Second counseling& admission (District wise) at nodal Polytechnic College
    28/06/2012 to 30/06/2012
10 Admission Closes on 03/07/2012
11 Classes for Ist Semester Begins on 27/06/2012

List of Polytchnics & Courses (Annexure I)

Branches and Codes (Annexure II)

6Eligibility of ITI Trades to Diploma Courses (Annexure IV)
7Eligibility of VHSE Courses to Diploma Courses (Annexure V)
8Codes for Special Reservation Categories (Annexure VI)
9List of Castes under SC/ST/SEBC (Annexure VII)
10Community Certificate other than SC/ST (Annexure VIII A)
11Caste Certificate for SC/ST (Annexure VIII B)
12Income Certificate (Annexure IX)
13Inter-caste Marriage Certificate (Annexure X)
14Nativity Certificate (Annexure XI)
15Certificate for Special Reservation under XS/DK (Annexure XII)
16Certificate for Special Reservation under SD/CP (Annexure XIII)
17Certificate for Special Reservation under Orphan (Annexure XIV)
18Undertaking from the Students for Ant-ragging (Annexure XV)
19Authorisation Letter (Annexure XVI)
20Re-option Form (Annexure XVII)
21Higher Option Cancellation Form (Annexure XVIII)
22Higher Option Retaining Form (Annexure XIX)