My adsence Account Disabled

Dear friends one of my fellow user tried to disable my Google adsence account very heavily. And finally he succeed in it.. And this post is to remind you people to understand the effort behind this blog. 
after trying 100s of themes and contents i got my adsence approved. and many days i tried hard to get that approved, and one man i don't know about that fellow user he simply made it disabled. He won't get anything from that. But i lost my earning, and whole effort to bring up my blog got waste. 
Spent money for seo and for getting this premium domain and more for this blog. 

And he warned me that i had copied content form other website and i contacted owner personally and Enrique about this matter and he told me that he dont have any problem and he is the owner of that site  

and I dont understant what is the benefit and motive of that person  to make my adsnece dead..

now i added infolinks ads  and now he is behind that.. 

So If u Have any Problems related with the content of  this blog u can contact me at any time and tell about that and i am ready to remove that post. as early as i can. And please don't try to do this type of Cheat plays..

You can mail me at [email protected]


  1. You are having hacking stuff on ur blog !! that's why this happened 

  2. no brother earning increases rapidly invalid huge amount of clicks that is the issue..

  3. Hai akhil krishna yes i agree with you but one thing i wish to ask you that you said "remind you people to understand the effort behind this blog. 
    after trying 100s of themes and contents i got my adsence approved" Do you know the effort of film producers music directors and others ? You copying and uploading music and helps piracy it also kill others effort who behind those music you kill their effort for some $$,,  right ?  so you don't have rights to speak about EFFORTS ...... I am downloading the music so me too don't have the rights to tell about MUSIC PIRACY ......... 

  4. anyway say GO TO HELL to that F***********

  5. I gess you made above 2 laks visit from this month is it ?

  6. But i can see the ads in your blog ( other one ) HOW ?????

  7. Alex what you said is right.. After these two posts i have planned to stop providing links to download Malayalam mp3.

    Yehh i got more than 2 lakh visits in this month.. bcoz of Seo....

    and also now got a mail from Google that they are not going to re install it in ma blog..

    And  i lost that :(

  8. where is the ad? i never added any ads after that issue

  9. We appreciate you .. you planned to remove mp3s from your blog our next target is please click on his ads lets help malayalam film industry click on as much as you can join us  M@!!u GuYs ( mallu guys )


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