Buckypaper with amazing Properties

Can u ever think of a material which is 250 times stronger than steel
yet having a weight 10 times less than that of steel?
Yes....its bucky paper...what If this material also had amazing
properties that made it highly conductive of heat and
electricity?ofcourse it would start to sound like something out of a
science fiction novel,but not exactly..
Composed of tube-shaped carbon molecules 50,000 times thinner than a
human hair, Buckypaper possesses unique properties enabling it to
conduct electricity and disperse heat. imagine then what will be the
size of this bucky paper...!keep in mind that average diameter of
human hair is in the range of 17-181 micrometer...

This amazing properties of buckypaper comes from its constituent,the
buckminster fullerene or carbon 60 molecule.,a type of carbon molecule
whoes powerful atomic bond make it twice as hard as diamond..no doubt
then where this name buckypaper came from..the buckminster fullerene
got its name in honour of Buckminster fuller,because the molecule
resembles to his trademark geodesmic domes..
Bucky paper in the near future going to conquere the automobile and
aviation industries and all other technical field..the future cars
and planes will be thankful to the fullerene molecule...