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Muhammed Suhail
22 Female Kottayam...!!!
Just perfect :) not worth watch, MUST watch it FRNX :]
>> 1 f da best movie dat ewa made in malayalam.
anyways..,Deep from my heart, congrats to you all....
especialy a big HUG for yu ikkaa... Aashiq Abu ikka...,yu did it !!!
O..oh.. Tessa , you filled my mind with you itself !!! OMG...
da ewa best rol by Rima Kallingal :))
wanna to waaach it onez morh :*

Seemanth Sunil
22 Female Kottayam hatsoff to d whol team..
Rima Kallingal i wd say ds ur bst.. take a bow!

Shajin Siva

malayalacinemayude maarunna mugham...
yuvathwathinte... vythyasthathayude...chorathilapulla cinemakal....
kandumadutha kettukazchakalil ninnum,
kettumadutha nilavaaramillaatha thamasakalil ninnum mochanam thedunna malayala cinema...
puthiya aasayangal....
puthiya aalukal....

TRAFFIC thudangivecha maattathinte karmabhoomiyilekku.....

aa therottam thudarunnu.....


Sweetymohan PulickalGreat Work !!Hats Off ......Like · ·

Jijin J NairFilm lacking promotions among common people.. I fear its gonna affect its success.. Pls make some promotions through TV to bring common people into the muvi.. its getting promotions only among new generations.. :)Like · ·

All Kerala Asif Fans and Welfare Asociation Kannur District Commiteeith teza k abhraham & siril .................

ey guys please watch & support 22 Female Kottayam

its superb movie.........

Richiee RichRima Kallingal....superb perfomance ..i would say this is your best ...it's not an entertainer, but it will make us think about the facts n faults of our modern life!!! A new generation movie with new style.. !! Loved it!!!Like · ·

Sayuj Sunil
Padam polichu :-) It's not just another new gen movie.. A brave, realistic attempt .. Hats off to the whole team of 22 Female Kottayam

George Augustine Jojonot a family movieLike · ·

Naseeha Mahirone f d best movie i hav evr wathd....Like · ·

Naseeha Mahir hats of to Ashiq Abu nd his crew....

Anoop RaveendranI saw the move last night... Congratz Ashiq Abu & crew..

I feel this move has some social commitment.. Every one needs to see this filim especialy ladies...

Expecting more filims like this.. ·

Vishal Vijayansaw 22 Female Kottayam .............its a must watch (beware it isint a family movie

Binoy Vb‎"experience The change " 22 female kottayam ... kudos to the crew ...

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Amitto Karimwonderful vishu n8...... n a beautiful movie....... 22 Female Kottayam.... a typicalAashiq Abu film...... diz tym wit a sparking msg...... "Dread the woman of today they might not be the same one you dreamt of having on bed yesterday...." as visually portrayed by 22FK! What a brilliant movie!
Neat n simple DOP by Shyju Khalid (btr dan Traffic) n apt cuts by vivek harshan...... d strongest character evr dealt by Rima..... alovr casting is perfect as lyk v cn c in othr Aashiq abu movies also...... backgrnd score is a bit avrg..... great work...part of change.....

Mohammed Ashiq waiting for the movie to release in chennai

Seba Georgeboldest feminine movie ever madeLike

Majeed Mc CrewzaderHats off to ashik abu and crew... Itrayum mikachadayirikumenu karuthiyirunilla.. Orupadu swapnangalumayi makkale bangloorilekum mattum padikan vidunna mathapithakal ithu kanan marakaruth...prathyekich kottayam, malappuram, calicut oke ullavar...
Once again hats off..

Sreerag P PunalurGreat workz.

Prashanth SajeevanMayamohini, Cobra, King and commissioner, Casannova thudangiya thallipoli cinemakal cheythu prekshakarude kshama pareekshikkunna koothara cinemakaaru poyi 22 Female Kottayam onnu kaanu .... appo manassilaakum nalla cinema cheyyendathu engane aanennu .... :)

Jinto JosephReema kallingal trying to get an award...? not bad...
Ashiq Abu thinking different way... nice..
I think Strong female character after "devasuram"
Just see u will like it.

Leo George CherthalaWhat a movie... awesome direction..nice climax..really superb..

Vinay Sadan Pillaihttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5paL_y2qSM4&sns=fb pls watch it and comment ppl.. I love to act and I look forward for chance..tks.. Help me pplLike · · 11 hours ago

Vaisakh Suresh Kotturethu HAHA last time d director tuk ur numb rie so wait fr his call....:p

Sumith Surendranfemale mystery

Rakesh KrishnanWatched 22 Female Kottayam at lakshmi theatre with Sandeep Sukumar and Athul Krishnan ...Good Movie !!

Vivek Ayyadan Mp ur internet publicity is great but posters are very few...pls boost outdoor publicity...

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Vivek Ayyadan Mpur internet publicity is great but posters are very few...pls boost outdoor publicity..

Vineeth ImzAwesome movie...
1000000+ likes

Thaccholi OthenanIt's not so much about supporting this movie or Aashiq Abu. It's more of a fervent prayer that this is the beginning of the wind of change in Malayalam movie industry. We are just fed up of the tired old formulas that have been force fed to us by established movie makers. They think we watch their movies because we like them, the truth is we watch them because there is nothing else to watch. We wish more directors like Aashiq Abu and Rajesh Pillai come in and change existing trends. Many thanks to Aashiq Abu for spearheading this movement

Nived NathWhen is it hitting the Dubai Screens ?

Can't just wait !

Please confirm the date

Praveshwer SjpWatched the Film 22 Female Kottayam...!!! POLICHADUKKI...!!! :) Hats off YouAashiq Abu...!!! What a FILM...! :)
Kaanathavar pls poyi kaanooo...! :)

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Manu R MXtoday saw a great movie 22 Female Kottayam ..
a brand new breath into malayalam movie ..
thanks a million Aashiq Abu


  1. Nice Move...:)

    happy to read various reviews here... :)

  2. awesome movie , Hats off to d director n producer who had balls to make this kinda film .

  3. awesome movie , Hats off to d director n producer who had balls to make this kinda film .


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