Casanova Malayalam Movie Review

Casanova film does not disappoint anyone !Worth watching ! 

Casanova,the much awaited malayalam movie of superstar Mohanlal in 2012, directed by Roshan Andrews hit screens on 26th January .Main cast of this film includes Mohan Lal, Sreya Saran, Lakshmi Rai, Roma, Jagathy, Lalu Alex, Sanker and Riyas Khan.Confident Group Chairman Dr.C.J. Roy has produced the film.Bobby-Sanjay team has penned the screenplay. Alphonse scored the music for the lyrics written by late Gireesh Puthenchery.The budget of the movie,Casanovva is about 21.45 Crores.Maxlab Entertainment is distributing this movie.The film as expected from any Lal movie had huge expectations from fans as well as malayalam movie lovers.Lets read on and see how Casanova Movie Review goes.
The film is about Casanova,the owner of Casanova’s Eternal Spring,an international chain of flower boutiques spread over.Like his name,the man is a Casanova in real life too.The hero,who is a playboy and likes to mingle with girls too much. The movie starts with a robbery at a cathedral by four masked robbers.Then the robbers sketch a new robbery plan during a marriage reception of a billionaire’s daughter.Casanova was one of the cheif guests in that function.Then he tries to trap these robbers with the help of Lekshmi rai and Roma.Therafter the movie continues with the trails, failures, adventures of Casanova in the mission of trapping the robbers and associated issues.The movie comes with a punch line which says “Love can cure crime”.
The great actor Mohan Lal has yet again done another brilliant job with his natural style of ease. With a stylish bike race,his introduction shakes the whole box. The helicopter chase,some comedy sequences here and there and three songs make an excellent first half.But the .Second half also portrays the flash back which narrates all about Casanova. Another commentable and well shot part is the well planned climax fight scene.
Shriya Saran has done a decent job, so is Lakshmi and Roma.Yet again a good direction attempt from Roshan Andrews.May be the direction part lost its pace maintenance in between but, Roshan has once again proved, if given a strong script, and freedom for director’s job, he can do wonders.Editing which follows the cinematography part could not do much as the cinematography was just an average. Music scored by Alphonse is excellent, has done a sincere committed work, to the money what he accepeted for this film.The script is also not bad, an average,would have been bit more stronger if worked on the climax scene at least, to make it an unpredictable one.The flash back scenes were excellent and added the spice to the movie.B G M blends well with the movie’s backdrop and scenarios.Excellent job has been done.
Overall the movie was good, could term as above average,and makes the viewer glued to the seat to watch.If the second half had not lost its initial pace and the climax scene was worked a bit more, not on the scenic excellence, but, on the script part, movie Casanova would have been rated as excellent.The movie is a clean entertainer with little bit of predictables here and there and filled with a bunch of Unseens.The movie is worth for watching at least once when compared to some coming out without, technical or artistic excellence !
Verdict – Hit for sure ! 
Rating – 3.5/5


  1. pppalllllllllllllllllllllllannnnn.................. casanova aakan patiya sadhanm

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  3. I am Great fan of MohanLal Sir but only an average movie,, bad direction..what d hell they doing for 3 years,,disappointing...

  4. average movie but watchable romantic love story *
    mr.roshan andrews bad direct and bobby sanjay bad script
    first half is ok good direct
    second half is boring
    climax is very bad and music excellent


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