6 Download mangers to Speed up Your downloads

  1. Free Download Manager – This is a free program that splits files into simultaneous and multiple downloads to speed up the process. Should the connection be lost for some reason, the program will start from the point left off without the need to start completely over. It works with HTTP, FTP and torrent downloads and carries features that allow you to download even Flash videos. It runs on Windows.
  2. Internet Download Manager – This is a Windows program that speeds up your download process and is available for thirty dollars. It features a `YouTube’ grabber that allows you to download online streaming video and picks up interrupted downloads from where they left off. It has a download schedule so that you can download even when your system is idle.
  3. Flashgot - This is a program that combines many external download managers with the Mozilla Firefox browser. It runs with Windows, Free BSD, Linux or Mac OS X. It comes free to you.
  4. Flashget - This program supports multiple protocols and uses MHT (Multiserver Hyperthreading Transportation) technology to improve stability so that you can get reliable and fast downloads. Add-ons for Flashget allow you to control the program remotely and even add skins. This Windows program is freeware.
  5. DownThemAll – This is a free Firefox extension that speeds up downloads and allows them to be paused and resumed without restarting the process. This supports multi-part downloading as well as multiple URLs (Universal Resource Locators).
  6. Net Transport – This is a proprietary Windows application that is shareware and is available for thirty dollars. This program downloads files via Bit Torrent, RTMP, eMule, RTSP, MMS, FTP and HTTP as well as multiple streaming protocols.


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