On the Internet there are some tutorials about shutting down a computer from a mobile phone.But, in this tutorial we’ll check out a way to shutdown a computer from a mobile phone using PHP.For those who don’t know PHP, it is a scripting language in simple words.We are PHP as it is a server side scripting language,platform independent and open source.That means we don’t have to worry about whether the system runs on Windows or Linux.The procedure is really simple.All we have to do is to set up a server on the computer with PHP and execute system command to shutdown the computer.
We’ll use XAMPP to set up the server.Believe me it is too easy.
Go to xampp home page.Download the available package (installer or zip archive).
Now,follow the instruction given on their site to install the server.Actually installation is just unzipping the archive to a directory.The installation will take just around 2 minute.

2.PHP code 
  • After installing XAMPP, just open up XAMPP directory.Then you will locate htdocsshutdown.folder.Open that and create a new directory/folder.You can name it anything you want.Suppose the name of the new folder is
  • Open the newly created folder shutdown and create a new file with index.php extension.
  • Now open up index.php file and place the nice little code if you run windows.
  • echo ‘Shutting down’; exec(“shutdown -s -t 30″); //30 means shutdown after 30 seconds ?> 
3.Creating URL
Go to and register a free sub-domain and point it to the the following
To find out your ip address just visit any site like
That’s it.Now you visit that link with no-ip subdomain from your mobile phone to shut down the computer.