Protect Your Facebook,gmail,Twitter account from Hackerz

Now a days everybody uses Email accounts and social networking like Facebook , Twitter etc . . Lots of personal Information is associated with such social networking sites .. So this is important to protect such data from Hackers . . Because Hackers ( Black Hat Hackers ) always try to get others important data , information and use it for wrong purpose . . So please always try to be safe from hackers . .

Below i am telling u simple steps which you should follow :-

Never share your password to anyone.

1) Don't use password as your nick name, phone no. or pet names.
2) Use the combination of lower case, uper case, numbers and special characters for passwords.
3) Never click on any suspected link comes in a mail from unknown sender
4) Never give your passwords to any 3rd party websites for any service.
5) Use different passwords for different accounts.
6) Check the website url every time before login. EX: check url to be

before login to face account. Never login to website such as

( Most Important )
7) Use secondary email address and mobile phone numbers with secret questions for account recovery.
8) Never use any javascript code in url while login to any of your email or any other website account. It may be a cookie stealer script.
9) use latest antivirus and antimalware softwares with firewall on.