Hacking Tutorials

Most of us are very curious to learn Hacking and want to become a Hackerbut don’t know where to start. If you are in the same situation, then this is the right place for you.

Everyone can become a Hacker provided they learn it from the basics. So if you wanna become a hacker, then all you need is a good source that will teach you hacking from the basics. There exists tons of books on the market that teach you Hacking but unfortunately, it requires a set of pre-established skills and knowledge to understand the concepts explained in the book. Also these books are not meant the for beginners who doesn’t know anything about hacking. As a solution to this problem we have found two excellent books for the beginners to start their journey as a Hacker.
The good thing about these two books is, any one can understand the concepts presented in the book without the need for any prior knowledge.

We Recommends

1. The Hacker’s underground Handbook

This book is designed for the absolute beginners who are willing to learn Hacking from the basics. This book does not demand any prior knowledge about Hacking. So if you are a newbie to the concept of hacking and want to master it from the basics, then this book is for you.
The information given in this underground handbook will put you into a hacker’s mindsetand teach you all of the hacker’s secret.
The following skills are uncovered in this book
1. You will learn all the hackers underground tricks and learn to apply them in the real world situations.
2. You will be put into a hackers mindset and learn to think like one.
3. By Learning how a hacker thinks and acts, you will be able to protect yourself from future hack attacks.
4. You will acquire knowledge nonexistant to 99.9% of the people in the world!
5. This Underground handbook may get you interested in pursuing a career as an Ethical Hacker.
For more information on this book and download details visit the following link

2. The Hacker’s Nightmare

hackers_nightmareThis book is designed for those hacking enthusiasts who have a basic knowledge about hacking and computer security. If you already know a bit about hacking and want to take your knowledge to the next level, then I recommend this book for you. 
This book can also be followed easily by the beginners who have a basic knowledge of the computers and their working. If you are really serious about hacking and want to learn it, then go ahead and grab it.
With this book you’ll learn, in simple jargon-free terms, how to…
1. Root out malware that has already taken up residence in your PC
2. Securely block the pathways hackers can use to gain access to your data
3. Protect against future attacks and infestations
4. Recognize the tricks of the spammers, scammers and eavesdroppers
5. Keep prying eyes away from your sensitive documents
For more information on this book and download details visit the following link