Man develops a remote operated machine to control violent elephants

Thrissur: A new remote operated device to control violent elephants is now on the anvil thanks to Zachariah Mathew, a Mumbai based man with his son, who conducted its trials runs here on Thursday amidst mahouts and elephant owners.

The duo named this device 'Violent Elephant Control Gear' is designed and manufactured by their engineering firm in Mumbai.

This gear can be applied on any elephant and can be controlled from a distance of over 25 meter with the help of remote control.

The device weighing only 8kg could be used for the control of tuskers weighing over 40 kg. It costs about Rs30,000 could be attached to elephants back or front legs.

And when the elephant shows any sign of violence, the remote control held by the mahout is applied both the legs of the elephant will tie together so as to prevent the animal from moving.

Every year hundreds of people are attacked and died due to elephants getting violent during festivals seasons in India. After watching one of the incident occurred last year in Kerala provoked him to develop this gear said Mr. Mathew.

However, the elephant owners and mahouts were not very confident about the new device. They pointed out that the cost of the device was too high and the device would necessitate the elephant to carry an additional burden of 8 kg all the time.

And a big question in front of the inventor is that being a remote operated one how to prevent the device and make it a water proof gear as elephants urinate many times in a day.

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