Samsung 640GB S2 and 2TB S3 External Hard Drives Introduced

Samsung S2 Portable Harddrive
Samsung S2 Portable Harddrive
Responding to increasing demand from consumers for storage devices with larger capacities, Samsung has launched two new devices in the S line with capacities of 640GB and 2TB.
What's noteworthy is that both devices are compact. The 2TB S3 Station is only 3.5inch while the S2 Portable is only 2.5inches long. Previously this line-up offered a maximum capacity of not more than 500GB.
To give you an idea of how much can be stored in the S2, picture a drive that hold data equivalent to 128,000 digital images or 160,000 MP3 music files or up to 77 hours of high definition movies. This is what the S2 portable is capable of with its mammoth 640GB capacity.
Cheol-hee Lee, Vice President of marketing, Storage Systems Division, Samsung Electronics said, "As consumer demands continue to escalate for storing personal data, music and video files, Samsung has expanded its extensive family of external hard drives to support the growing personal storage market," He went on to add, "The new drives provide users with a sleek design and high-density choices in both 2.5-inch and 3.5-inch form factors."
While the S2 is conceived primarily for storage of digital media, the S3 station is built to take a backup of the entire PC. The S3 comes in a classic piano black glossy casing. Needless to say, the small form goes a long was in conserving desk space.
Both drives offer security features such as Auto Backup, SecretZone, and SafetyKey. Pricing details remain under wraps for now.
The 640GB S2 Portable hits the shelves this month while the S3 Station will be available earliest by the beginning of next year.
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