diet-sms Service from Tata Docomo – Just 1 Paisa Per Character (

diet-sms Service from Tata Docomo – Just 1 Paisa Per Character

Tata Docomo has recently announced a unique SMS service, diet-sms service, which allows you to send short SMS at the cost of just 1 paisa per character and no charge for spaces between words. It is same as normal P2P sms but in this diet-sms, you are charged 1 paisa per character and no charge for spaces between words. Diet-sms service is for message upto 15 characters.

There are 3 ways of sending a diet-sms. To send a diet-sms, go to the SIM-based Dive-in menu on the phone, scroll to the diet-sms option under the English Language menu, open it and send the SMS.

Another option is to get the newly launcged TATA DOCOMO phone application. The application can be downloaded from TATA DOCOMO 'Dive In' wap portal, or by simply sending a SMS "diet" to 54321. Using this diet-sms application, the customer can send short text messages easily;

The third option is to send a diet-sms using the normal SMS menu. They need to type the mobile number followed by a space followed by the message and sms this to the short code 52208


Is it available on DSTK SIM menu?

Yes! It is available on Dive in Now menu under English menu. It is not pre burned in the menu but is being pushed over the air to all SIM cards that do not have the menu.

Can we download the application through wap?

Yes you can download application from the Dive in WAP portal or to get the exact link just SMS diet to 54321 (toll free)

What are the charges for the same?

It is 1 paisa/Character and no charges for Spacing.

Is the normal P2P SMS offer applicable on diet-sms as well.

The diet-sms has no offers linked to it

How many character we can type through diet-sms?

We can type upto 15 characters.

Is there a charge for downloading the application through WAP?

No charges for downloading the application. If the application is downloaded while the customer is in a Non-TATA DOCOMO network, data charges will apply.

What are the charges if I send STD Message?

Charges are same as 1 paisa/character.

Can I send International sms also?

No, it is available only sending to India mobile numbers.

What will be the charges if I use the same in Roaming?

Please do not use diet-sms while roaming outside of TATA DOCOMO networks since normal roaming SMS charges get levied over and above charges for the diet-sms.

How many maximum characters can be used in nano sms?

It's a maximum of 15 characters. Thus maximum charging done is 15 paise

Can u give some short sms text?

Yes. A few example of the same are: How are U, Whr U, Whn u cming, Ok, K, Yes, See U, Bye, Come soon, Gud, Pls Call, Will Call, In mtng.

If I download the application will I get some predefined short text?

The diet-sms application which the customer downloads also contains a bank of most common short SMS as templates. Customers can select the diet-sms from the template and click send

Do we charge to customer if number entered is incorrect?

The charging will happen.

What is the impact of interconnect charges on the charges of diet-sms?

Currently there is no impact. As and when there is an impact of interconnect charges on SMS, we will keep our customers informed.

I cannot see diet-sms menu in the Dive in Now menu.

We are in the process of sending the diet-sms menu over the Air to you phone. Please ensure that you phone is on the switched on mode for the menu to come and sit inside the English menu of your Dive in Now SIM menu.

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