Twitter Video Application for BlackBerry

 Twitter Video Application for BlackBerry

 First Twitter Video Application for BlackBerry, an online service that enables you to upload videos to your Twitter profile, has announced the immediate availability of the first video uploading application for the BlackBerry platform. Along with this, the company also announced that it will power video for UberTwitter, the most popular BlackBerry Twitter app, as of now. 
TwitVid for BlackBerry will allow users to tweet videos directly from their BlackBerry phone. All you need to do is to download it from the AppWorld, which incidentally has web version that was recently launched. This means you need not access the App World from the device itself.  The application can be downloaded from here.

The procedure of uploading videos too is quite simple as explained below: 

1. Open the app 

2. Select or Record a Video 

3. Type a tweet 

4. Click Post and let your video upload 

5. People can start watching it within seconds 

The technology that drives gives users the ability to upload, view and share videos sooner than any other app. This is critical in the Twitter environment where people want to post as quickly as possible, but don t want to sacrifice quality, reliability and ease of use. If you're a BlackBerry owner and happen to have a Twitter account as well, why not try this one out?