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Enjoy these breathtaking photos taken on the cusp of night or day
By Olivia Putnal
Some of the quietest and most calming moments in the day are when the sun rises and sets over the landscape—and photographers have a special knack for immortalizing these magical occasions. From a purple sunset over Ocean City, Maryland, to the multicolored sunrise on the Balearic Islands, these 15 landscapes were the perfect setting for a picture like no other. Take a look at these eye-catching photographs and you too might be inspired to start capturing your own special dawn or dusk moments.
Port de Pollença, Spain
On the morning of March 15, 2009, Spain's Balearic Islands were home to this magnificent multicolored sky. With a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H camera, photographer Miquel shot this sunrise in a small fishing village on the island of Majorca. According to his fans, he captured this image as "not only a photographer, but a magician of light and color and imagination." Photo courtesy of Miquel via
Seattle, Washington
In July 2006, Amy Barr was sitting on her porch overlooking the Cascade Mountains in Washington. Having just returned home from the airport earlier that morning, she decided to stay awake despite her jet lag and exhaustion, and good thing she did! Using her Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT, she was able to capture this orange and yellow sunrise along with a couple of other beautiful photos. Photo courtesy of Amy Barr via
St. Augustine, Florida
In the flatlands of Florida, St. Augustine stands out as one of the most cultured destinations in the state. James Watkins was able to photograph this outstanding scenery over the Atlantic Ocean in January 2009. If you look closely you can see the planet Venus in the sky as the sun sets. Watkins said "every five minutes the sky was going through a different color cycle and it was amazing." Photo courtesy of James Watkins via
County Wicklow, Ireland
Commonly called "The Gateway to the Garden of Ireland," Bray in County Wicklow has many attractions such as scenic drives, the Blessington Lakes, aquariums, gardens, waterfalls and farms. Among all of these activities, walking along the beaches and cliffs remains the most popular. This seascape image was shot above the Irish Sea as the sun was setting over the water near Bray Head. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.
Sado Island, Japan
Paolo Negri captured this beautiful sunset shot on the island of Sado in Japan's Niigata Prefecture. Photographers often scope out this area, which is on the sixth largest island of Japan, while tourists take ferries and hydrofoils back and forth among the islands as the sun rises and sets. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.
Lorain, Ohio
Lakeview Beach is a common spot for sun-gazing along Lake Erie in Northern Ohio. In 2008, Howard McGuire snapped one of the first sunsets of summer with a Nikon D40 camera, which resulted in a sky filled with a gorgeous mix of blue, purple, orange and yellow set above placid water along the lake's shoreline. Photo courtesy of Howard McGuire via
Ocean City, Maryland
Amanda Lockwood was definitely "in the right place at the right time," as she says, to capture this purple sunset over Assawoman Bay in Ocean City, Maryland. In the winter of last year, while Lockwood was sitting on the docks, this photo op was right in front of her—and later sparked an interest in nature photography. Photo courtesy of Amanda Lockwood via
Ojochal, Costa Rica
Frank Scott, a guide for Costa Rica Photo Tours, has been interested in nature photography for a number of years. One morning, Frank noticed this unique cloud pattern near his home in Ojochal and decided it was the perfect shot. Even though Hurricanes Caesar and Mitch blew through the area, this tree still stands tall—and is often a perch for toucan and aracari birds. Photo courtesy of CRPhotoTours. com.
Florence, Italy
Setting his camera directly in front of Italy's Ponte Vecchio bridge to observe the beautiful summer sunset, this photographer captured not only one of nature's best phenomenons but also a historic Italian landmark. Built during the Middle Ages, Ponte Vecchio is one of the few remaining bridges that is still lined with an array of shops as it spans the River Arno. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.
Worthing, United Kingdom
Brian Spicer has been interested in photography since the 1970s and loves experimenting with older film cameras (though recently he has invested in digital cameras and is learning how to use image altering software programs). One evening, along the low tide beaches of West Sussex, Spicer was able to digitally record this purple landscape with his Canon EOS 40D. Photo courtesy of Brian Spicer via
San Francisco, California
The Golden Gate Bridge attracts millions of people each year, and on this particular afternoon, photographer Mitchell Funk went to the area to observe the beautiful sunset scenery. Floating out on the Pacific Ocean in his boat, Funk captured the full span of the famous bridge just after dusk. The New York City native began his photography career in 1966 and now works on projects in both New York City and San Francisco. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.
Botswana, Africa
As a travel and wildlife photographer, Steve Allen has been shooting nature scenes for over 37 years, traveling to 78 countries and all seven continents. Recently, Allen traveled to Botswana, Africa, to capture a variety of animals in their surroundings, including these giraffes set in the forefront of a Chobe National Park sunset. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.
Mecklenburg- Vorpommern, Germany
Horst and Daniel Zielske, a German father and son photography duo, watched this magnificent combination of colors appear one morning in their native land. Inspired, they took this photo of a bare tree during sunrise at Jasmund National Park on Germany's largest island, Rügen. The two also enjoy taking photographs of buildings and streets—especially in the rain. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.
Phoenix, Arizona
Born and raised in Southwestern Minnesota, Morey Milbradt has been taking pictures since 1991, and is now a freelance photographer. Milbradt had the idea of shooting a palm tree against a brilliant sunset background before actually taking this photograph. Generally, he enjoys taking photographs of wilderness landscapes throughout the Midwest. Photo courtesy of Getty Images.
Piha, New Zealand
Piotr Zurek is a professional photographer and blogger who resides in Auckland, New Zealand, and has a passion for travel and photography. On the afternoon of February 18, 2009, Zurek was enjoying his normal coastal view when this moment appeared before him. His Nikon D700 helped him memorialize the spectacular reflection of a sunset off the water so others could enjoy it as well. Photo courtesy of Piotr Zurek via

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