MTNL Launches 3G Jadoo Mobile Services (

MTNL Launches 3G Jadoo Mobile Services

MTNL Launches 3G Jadoo Mobile Services

3G Prepaid: How to get a connection?

New prepaid customers will need to purchase any one of the 2G GSM Prepaid Kit from among Rs. 40 SIM Kit, Rs. 75 (Lifetime SIM), or Rs. 199 (SIM Kit). Further, they'll need to recharge SIM with top-up voucher in order to have atleast Rs. 350 talk value.

After the SIM refueling, the user will need to opt for 3G services by sending SMS "ACT 3G" to "444" to activate 3G services. An activation fee of Rs. 300 will be deducted from their prepaid account.

For using the services, customers will have the defacto Tariff plan for 3G services as given ahead. Remember that an existing or new customer will get 3G service as an add-on on his Trump plan.

For data access as well, customers need to recharge their account with any of the data coupons/vouchers, also listed ahead.

Customers will not be able to access the Internet or use data download features if;
  • the balance free data download in their account is less than or equal to 20MB or
  • the balance talk value in the Prepaid account is less than or Rs. 50. The talk value in Prepaid account is also used for deduction towards content download charges.

Existing Prepaid customers need to ensure atleast Rs. 350 talk value in their account.

Prepaid Data coupons/Vouchers:

Once a customer opts for 3G services, he can get his data tariff modified by opting any of the following 3G data coupons.

i) The above mentioned data tariff will be applicable only in MTNL Mumbai Network.
ii) The data usage charges at a rate of Rs. 10 per MB will be charged for data usage while roaming in India.
iii) All charges of tariff in Rs. 300 package and data coupons will be deducted from the main account balance of the Trump customer.

Roaming Charges

- Roaming charges for data even in 2G network would be charged Rs. 10 per MB in pulses of 100 KB.
- Roaming charges for voice call/SMS shall be as per 2G GSM Plans.

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