Airtel Special 5 – Low Rates for Airtel Prepaid and Postpaid Numbers (

Airtel Special 5 – Low Rates for Airtel Prepaid and Postpaid Numbers

Airtel Special 5 is a new product from Airtel Mobile which offers very low calling rates for your Special 5 Airtel Mobile numbers. You can maintain your Special 5 numbers, which could be those Airel mobile numbers you call the most. Up to 5 Airtel mobile numbers can be enrolled as Special 5 feature.

For prepaid connections, Local Airtel to Airtel calls are charged 20 paise per minute and STD Airtel to Airtel calls are 50 paise per minute. Special Five tariffs are not applicable while roaming. Prepaid Customer can change his special 5 mobile numbers up to 5 times in a Month. Rs 5 will be charged for every number change.

Postpaid is available only on Special 5 bill plan. Benefits will be applicable post bill plan migration which will take effect from the nearest next bill cycle.

Airtel Special 5 for Prepaid

Call charges to Special 5 numbers :
Local Airtel to Airtel: 20p/min
STD Airtel to Airtel: 50p/min.
Number Addition / Change Charges : Rs 5 per number
No. of changes permitted/month : 5 (Deletion of nos. will not be included in this count)
Rental per number. : Daily rental will be charged as per the following grid

Telecom Service Area Daily Rental Per Local Number Daily Rental Per STD Number
Tamil Nadu (incl. Chennai), 20p/day/no. 50p/day/no.
Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Mumbai, Maharashtra, UP(West), Haryana, 50p/day/no. 50p/day/no.
Karnataka 50p/day/no. 1/day/no.
Andhra Pradesh, North East, Assam, Bihar, Orissa, West Bengal, Kolkata, UP(East), Punjab, Delhi, Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh 1/day/no. 1/day/no.
To Activate this pack, please dial 12141 (toll free) from your Airtel mobile phone and select option 5 to enter the SPECIAL 5 menu. Please follow the IVR menu to get this service started. The benefits can be availed immediately after giving the request on the IVR.

You will be charged a daily rental per number to avail this service, as per the rental grid mentioned above. For example, if you have 5 numbers in the Special 5 list and the daily rental is 50p/number, then Rs 2.5/- will be debited from your account daily.

For the first time, for number addition you will be charged Rs 5. In the future, whenever you delete an existing number and add a new number you will be charged Rs 5 per number addition. In case you just give a request for number deletion, with no request for number addition, there will be no charge. You can add maximum of 5 numbers to the Special 5 group. You can modify your Special Five list up to a maximum of 5 times in a month .The option of addition and deletion is available on the IVR. Please dial 12141 anytime to add/delete/know your Special 5 list.

You can add local or STD Airtel mobile numbers only. You will not get the tariff benefit on any landline (Airtel/non-Airtel) or other operator number.

There is no restriction on the combination of local or STD Airtel Mobile numbers.

You can find out the current Special 5 list at any point of time by dialing 12141. Just dial 12141 and press option 5 to enter the Special 5 menu where you'll receive an option to listen to your existing customers.

To deactivate this service, please dial 12141 and press 5 to enter the Special 5 menu. Please select the "Delete option" to delete your Special 5 numbers one by one. Once you have deleted all the numbers, the Special 5 service will be deactivated.

Once you have given the request for number addition/deletion on the 12141 IVR, the request will be processed immediately if accepted by the IVR which will be prompted. Incase of number addition, daily rental would start getting charged from the same day. Incase of number deletion, the daily rental would be charged on the remaining numbers only.

The minimum balance required in the account for number addition in the Special 5 group is Rs 5.

Airtel Special 5 for Postpaid (Special 5 Plan 249)

This is a new plan on which you get very low calling rates for your Special 5 Airtel Mobile numbers. Plan details are as follows:

Bill Plan Name Special 5 Plan 249
Rental Rs 249
Local Free Airtime 249 min (Airtel to all local mins)
Tariff(Rs.) Airtel to Airtel(Special 5 Group) Airtel to Airtel (others) Airtel to Mobile Airtel to Landline
Local 0.2 0.5 0.5 0.5
STD 0.5 1 1 1
ISD Revised ISD tariffs
Local 1
National 1.5
International 5

Number addition /number change: Rs 5 / number
Number of changes permitted: no restriction
Number Deletion charges – Nil

To ACTIVATE this plan, you can SMS FIVE to 121 and go through the interactive SMS menu option to give a request for bill plan change. Along with the bill plan change request you can also create your Special 5 Group. However, if you don't want to create a group immediately you could do it at any time by sending FIVE to 121 & following the interactive menu. The bill plan change as well as calling benefits to Special 5 numbers will be effective only from your next bill cycle date. You will get an SMS from our side which will convey the request number and request execution date.

You can add a maximum of 5 numbers can be added in the Special 5 Group. This benefit is available for Airtel mobile numbers irrespective of local or STD. Please note, you will not get the tariff Benefit on any landline (Airtel/non-Airtel) or other operator number.

The option of addition and deletion of Special 5 numbers is available through SMS. To add /delete a number send FIVE to 121 and follow the interactive menu. You can anytime send FIVE to 121 to add/delete/view your Special 5 list. You will be charged Rs5 for every number addition / number change. There will be no charge for deletion of any number from the list. To know your current Special 5 list, just send FIVE to 121 and press option 1.

To deactivate this plan, you will have to give a request for bill plan change at our call center or you're nearest Airtel Relationship Center. It will take maximum 48 hours for your request to be processed.

There is no limit to the number of times you can modify the Special 5 list. Every time a new number is added, Rs 5 would be charged per number; however there will be no charge for deleting a number.

These charges will be displayed under the Onetime charges section for every number change / addition.

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