479 Million Telecom Subscribers in India

 India has 479 Million Telecom Subscribers


According to the latest Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) figures (Warning: PDF link), India has increased its telecom subscriber base from 464.82 million in June to 479.07 million by the end of July. Posting unprecedented growth, the teledensity in the country has also reached 41.08 percent.
Out of the 479 million-subscriber base, wireless

subscribers consisted of 441.66 million users. This was a growth of 3.36 percent over the figure of 427.28 million a month ago. The teledensity too was below the 40 percent mark back then, standing at 37.87 percent. As expected, the figures for the wired sector were not at all with the subscriber base seeing a decline from 37.54 million users in June to 37.41 million in July. The saving grace is that fact that only the State Run operators were losing customers. Private players in the fixed line telephony sector have managed to increase their base.

The figures also had data for the broadband subscriber base. This sector has seen an increase in the subscriber base from 6.62 million in June, to 6.8 million in July, registering a growth of 2.7 percent.

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