how to hide secret folders in windows

You know how difficult it is when you share your computer with ur family members and want to keep some folders "secretly" away from your family . You can hide those folders from the menu but then there is always that smart one who knows how to make those hidden folders visible. Well here is a small trick that will help you create an invisible folders in your windows directory.

1.Select the folder that you want to hide, right clik on it and select rename.
2.Press and hold Alt key,Using numpad, enter the combination 0160 (you must enter the numbers using numpad only).
3.If you did it correctly, you must get a folder with no name.
4.Right click on the folder,go to properties, select customize tab,At the bottom of the window, you can see change icon option, click on it, that will open a new window, in that you can see some blank space as icons. Select one of them and click apply. That's it. Your folder wil be invisible now...

Some limitations though.

1. This works for only one folder in one directory. So if you try to do this with some other folder in the same directory, it will not work.

2. When you list all the folders in that directory with "List Details", it will show other properties of the folder. So someone can figure it out that there is a folder there.

But hey, at least, its a good way to hide something real quick from someone.


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