Turn Your Keyboard LeD to disco Lights

 learn how to make our keyboard LEDs work like Disco Lights. It is really funny to see them blinking like a disco light. Just give a TRY!
Here is the complete procedure to activate the Process :
  • Open notepad from the Start.
  • Copy paste the following text to the notepad without any changes.
  • Set wshShell =wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
    wscript.sleep 100
    wshshell.sendkeys "{CAPSLOCK}"
    wshshell.sendkeys "{NUMLOCK}"
    wshshell.sendkeys "{SCROLLLOCK}"
  • Save the file as crazybcrzy.vbs
  • Now open the file you saved.
  • See the LEDs in your keyboard started dancing.
How to Deactivate it ?
  • To deactivate open your task manager.
  • You can open the task manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DELETE.
  • Now go to second tab, which is Process
  • Click on the wscript.exe and click End Process.
  • Now your Keyboard LEDs stops blinking.


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